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Testing Services Verticals

A perfect software testing service provider must have industry specific expertise so that it can anticipate the opportunities, failures and needs for improvement during the testing. E-commerce testing differs in breadth and length from e-learning courses testing. BFSI testing services should have greater understanding of specific business goals and end user expectations much like the social media and mobile telecom testing. Auction and game testing services must be aware of typical process the industry follows.

Why We are Best

  • As professional, we are very concerned about the ethics of our business
  • We implement risk-based methodologies to create test scenarios and test scripts, choose model and methodologies based on customer requirements, and make sure we exceed their expectations within the approved budget and help them achieve business objectives.
  • It’s far too easy for testers to get lost in the weeds of test cases and forget about the actual end user, however this is a fatal mistake, but we always take care of our end user.
  • Inability to catch small things in big pictures.

Cross Industry Testing

Intellisqa software testing services are extensible to cover all types of domain and technology regardless of the industry type. We have successfully worked with clients in automobile, manufacturing, media and publishing, healthcare, advertising, logistics and travel and airline to create suitable solutions that meet their business requirements.

E-Commerce Testing Service

E-commerce website testing presents a challenge. Intellisqa offers e-commerce website testing within a small budget and can provide suitable web products verified through established testing process for effective business value addition and optimization. Our expert teams identify unwanted patches, weak links, and broken functions and suggest appropriate measures to set them right. Websites are tested fully and validated keeping in view their performances, expected traffic, and end user convenience.

Healthcare Software Testing

Healthcare IT has grown tremendously in the last decade, healthcare software development requires a lot of experience and skill; also, it is important to keep these skills up to date, as newer technologies and policies are entering this space by the day. At Intellisqa, we have been working with a few clients in the healthcare domain that has helped us build a niche over time. Our testers have excellent domain knowledge to ensure the clients requirements. We carry out both global and localized healthcare software testing supporting requirements and reducing costs across the industry.

Gaming Testing Services

Intellisqa provides outsourcing games testing services for XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and DSi, Sony PS2 and PS3, iPhone, online games, and casual games. Our experience in rendering QA services for high-quality video games testing and content at a reasonable cost and tight security and privacy measures at Intellisqa lab make us an ideal games testing partner. Games testing at Intellisqa are done in a controlled environment on a closed network that allows us to monitor packet exchanges between the host and remote players. We have expertise in offering games testing and QA services for games intended for Android, iPhone, Windows, and other OS-based mobiles. Our testing experts have successfully designed, developed, and implemented video games testing frameworks for a number of clients.

BFSI Testing Services

Intellisqa has experience and expertise with financial application testing in the banking and insurance domains. With experts specialized in wealth management application testing design, development, and implementation, our BFSI testing team assists clients in streamlining their internal processes leading to enhanced productivity and improved customer services. 

Mobile and Telecom Testing

Intellisqa testing team has the expertise to provide comprehensive application testing solutions for all mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Palm, Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Our iPhone application testing services cover the latest versions of devices in the market. Even we have the ability to create mobile application testing frameworks for multiplatform software and games.


  • Designing and developing test strategy and test cases
  • Creating test scripts and test harnesses
  • Building test automation frameworks
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Bug reporting and recommendations
  • Test suites maintenance
  • Technical support by test engineers
  • Flexibility – 24X7 QA support

Retail Software Testing

Retail world is constantly transforming with changing market trends, never ending growth in user base and market globalization.Intellisqa are well aware of needs of diverse players in the retail industry. Our testing services cover the entire retail IT spectrum and offer the best fit test management approach for enterprise, warehouse, and in-store solutions.

E-Learning Content Management

 We, at Intellisqa, have 3+ years of experience in eLearning testing and have built a lot of domain knowledge in-house to make this process seamless and effective. We partner with subject experts from universities and colleges to augment our services and make the test process foolproof. We provides e-learning testing solutions for content management systems, such as Alfresco custom software, FatWire, Joomla, etc.

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