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Testing Estimation

For success of any project test estimation and proper execution is equally important as the development cycle. Sticking to the estimation is very important to build good reputation with the client.

In Intellisqa, software testing experts use their experience and expertise to plan the entire test development process keeping in view client requirements, budget, and time. Our test estimation takes into cognizance all required cost, time, resources, methodology, tools, and risks associated, and we come out with a detail plan offering clients a complete preview of their software testing projects. A project has its own process, materials, tools, and complications. It calls for experts well aware of its requirements and able to execute required activities. Prior test estimation helps managers and test teams become well aware of possible situations and commit time and resources accordingly.

Factors Affecting Software Test Estimation

  • Consider the Bug Cycle
    The test estimation also includes the bug cycle.  The actual test cycle may take more days than estimated. To avoid this, we should consider the fact that test cycle depends on the stability of the build. If the build is not stable, then developers may need more time to fix and obviously the testing cycle gets extended automatically.
  • Availability of All the Resources for Estimated Period
    The test estimation should consider all the leaves planned by the team members (typically long leaves) in the next few weeks or next few months. This will ensure that the estimations are realistic. The estimation should consider some fixed number of resources for test cycle. If the number of resources reduces then the estimation should be re-visited and updated accordingly.
  • Estimations Can Go Wrong – So re-visit the estimations frequently in initial stages before you commit it. 
    In early stages, we should frequently re-visit the test estimations and make modification if needed. We should not extend the estimation once we freeze it, unless there are major changes in requirement.
  • Can We Do Parallel Testing?
    Do you have some previous versions of same product so that you can compare the output? If yes, then this can make your testing task bit easier. You should think the estimation based on your product version.
  • Consider the Scope of Project
    Know what is the end objective of the project and list of all final deliverables. Factors to be considered for small and large projects differ a lot. Large project, typically include setting up test bed, generating test data, test scripts etc. Hence the estimations should be based on all these factors. Whereas in small projects, typically the test cycle include test cases writing, execution and regression.

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