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Test Team & Communication

Communication is the keystone of our flexible and transparent approach. Effective communication with clients holds the key to successful project completion. Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity. Clients expect the vendor testing services to have the same competence, man power, and quality as anticipated from their own test team. They also require an offshore software testing company to have all required test resources at their disposal and keep them informed of developments in an effective and convenient manner.

Here in Intellisqa, believe in proactive and continued communication with clients and within the test team as the most important factor in successful completion of testing projects and ensuring client satisfaction.

The role and responsibility of each member is clearly defined at every stage of the testing process. Experts at Intellisqa strive to achieve professional excellence at every stage.

Test Team Characteristics

  • In-house experts facilitating knowledge exchange and value addition through experience
  • Well-trained test engineers and professional experts
  • Adequate technical and nontechnical resources at the disposal of test teams
  • Expertise in both licensed and open source tools
  • Professional manpower for both on-site and outsourcing testing services
  • Self-sufficient test team with functional and performance ability of the highest level
  • Regular training and workshops to adopt to the changing industry trends
  • Selected professionals on the basis of professional quality and qualification

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