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Test Process

Intellisqa test approach allows enough room for incorporation of client suggestions midway and integration of the test scenarios with existing process for better client convenience. We always follow client suggestions at any stage and make sure the testing and QA consulting result reflect the same. Intellisqa test process follows clearly defined strategy, test scenarios, and a systematic methodology empowered to generate the best possible result. We are committed to provide the best possible solutions. Our test process takes into consideration cost, quality, time, scope, four application testing areas vital for any organization.

Test process and sub-processes validate applications in both unit and integration mode to ensure that all bugs are detected. QA consulting, an integral part of the test process, audit simultaneously and suggest required steps to ensure the best possible result.

Important Elements of Test Process

Intellisqa team follows very systematic, clear and defined strategy to generate the best result. We design and execute the test process that addresses the following questions.

  • What will be tested and why?
  • How it will be tested?
  • When it will be tested?
  • Who it will be tested by?
  • What it has discovered?
  • When it will finish?
  • How it will achieve test target?

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