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Test Cases Management & Strategy

Here in Intellisqa we only select the best tools and methodology based on our experience and devise customized strategy that assures systematic, reliable, and effective test management for our clients. Our effective test cases management, ability to handle all type of test scenario, world-class delivery module, and harmonized use of the latest technology assure clients reliable and value-added software test management services. Intellisqa testing team has the capability to handle simultaneous testing of multiple applications with uncompromising quality.

Shaped by our decade-long experience in QA consulting and testing services, our well-planned strategy includes planning, execution, and assessment keeping in view the client specifications, budget, market requirements, and latest technological improvements. Right from creation of test cases to validation in the simulated test scenario, Intellisqa testing strategy covers the entire process. Robust methodology and real-time test management focused on exact client requirements are essential constituents of Intellisqa QA consulting and testing services.  

Services Provided by IntelliSqa in Test Cases Management

  • Comprehensive Test Case Management: A software application testing involves creation and execution of hundreds of exclusive test cases. 360logica creates, evaluates, executes, and manages each of these efficiently and to the advantage of clients.
  • Quality Tracking and Monitoring: Our project managers and in-house QA consulting experts keep constant track of quality and ensure that all set quality goals are reached during the testing process.
  • Selection of Tools: Our testing services use a number of open source and licensed tools, including Test Link, SpiraTest, Test Track, and Quality Centre, exclusively for test management, which offers clients more convenience without additional costs. These tools allow coordinated testing services and help streamline planning, team effort, implementation, and technology harmonization leading to optimum use of resources.
  • Planning and Methodology: Our experience in providing software testing services and QA consulting helps us plan test strategy and adopt customized methodology the most suitable for the client requirements and assure low testing costs.
  • Test Scenario Management: We have ample expertise to create and control different types of test scenario and keep interferences to the minimum. It assures the reliable and objective testing.

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