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System Testing

Intellisqa have been providing extensive product functionality and performance testing to all business sectors fast adopting dynamic IT applications. Our tester’s proficiency in latest tools and technology and ability to provide the best automated system testing support across all platforms assure clients of foolproof verification of both functional and non-functional essentials of applications and complete compliance evaluation. With years of experience and experts with dedicated focus on client requirements, system testing team at Intellisqa software testing company identifies and helps sort out defects at the earliest possible using a well-planned, comprehensive, and integrated system testing strategy.

We have all resources at disposal; have been offering integrated system testing for product functionality verification in explicit scenarios. Our main focus remains on authentication of system’s ability to function on expected lines, in sync with other systems, and within the targeted environment. We make sure seamless coordination, integration, and data flow across multiple sub-systems of an application remain consistent and unfailing.

Services Provided by the IntelliSqa in System Testing

  • Functional testing covering both equivalence partitioning and integration tests
  • Unit and component testing for each part and sub-system
  • Performance testing keeping in view the specific environment and users
  • Decision table testing based on foreseeable conditions and business regulations
  • Load and stress testing determining inputs and levels of extreme limitations and acceptability
  • State transition testing keeping in view application transactions
  • Volume testing to determine limitations and capacity to handle data
  • Usability testing from user friendliness and from end user perspective
  • Test case design based on boundary value analysis
  • Pair-based testing to check configurable options
  • Graph-based testing to identify relationships and errors blocking flow and integrated performance.

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