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Intellisqa offers best quality, reliability, and seamless usability at an affordable price. The in-house experts with ample skills and experience allow us to provide extensive independent software product testing and QA services.

Black Box Testing

Black-box testing techniques include specification based and experienced-based techniques. These use external descriptions of the software, including specifications, requirements, and design to derive test cases. These tests can be functional or non-functional, though usually functional. Tester needs not to have any knowledge of internal structure or code of software under test. It can be applied to all software testing levels but is mostly employed for the higher level acceptance and system related ones.

System Testing

Intellisqa have been providing extensive product functionality and performance testing to all business sectors fast adopting dynamic IT applications. Our tester’s proficiency in latest tools and technology and ability to provide the best automated system testing support across all platforms assure clients of foolproof verification of both functional and non-functional essentials of applications and complete compliance evaluation. With years of experience and experts with dedicated focus on client requirements, system testing team at Intellisqa software testing company identifies and helps sort out defects at the earliest possible using a well-planned, comprehensive, and integrated system testing strategy.

Localization Testing

Intellisqa global consulting experience and commitment to the international standard of delivery assure clients of competent services for end-to-end localization of documents, field testing ensuring applications compatible with local conditions, quality assurance for usability and performance meeting local needs, and post-localization validation. Localization refers to the process of developing distinct versions of an application or adapting it to discrete local requirements. Separate internationalization and localization testing needs have become important components of software testing and product quality assurance process as focused business and marketing approach is gaining momentum. Intellisqa software testing team has the readily available language expertise, resources, skills and tools to provide qualified internationalization and localization testing services of the highest quality.

Security Testing

Intellisqa team is adept at overcoming realistic challenges and performance limitations. Our proficiency lies in using open source tools for cross site scripting method, website testing, SQL injection technique, and application security. This helps in overcoming all types of security failures at a low-cost. We provide comprehensive security testing services to ensure seamless functioning of an application by addressing all potential issues especially mission-critical information.

Game Testing

Intellisqa provides outsourcing games testing services for XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and DSi, Sony PS2 and PS3, iPhone, online games, and casual games. Our experience in rendering QA services for high-quality video games testing and content at a reasonable cost and tight security and privacy measures at Intellisqas make us an ideal games testing partner. Games testing at Intellisqa are done in a controlled environment on a closed network that allows us to monitor packet exchanges between the host and remote players. We have expertise in offering games testing and QA services for games intended for Android, iPhone, Windows, and other OS-based mobiles. Our testing experts have successfully designed, developed, and implemented video games testing frameworks for a number of clients. As games become more complex, a larger pool of QA resources is necessary.

Usability and Content Testing

By doing usability and content testing Intellisqa experts make sure a software product is verified with focus on the best end user experience and its advantage over competitive applications. The rich expertise we have added over the years and constant upgrading of our skills have immensely contributed to our capability to test usability of almost all types of applications.Content testing and QA services by Intellisqa goes well beyond what we see and check the product efficacy against all possible end user expectations.

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