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Intellisqa team is adept at overcoming realistic challenges and performance limitations. Our proficiency lies in using open source tools for cross site scripting method, website testing, SQL injection technique, and application security. This helps in overcoming all types of security failures at a low-cost. We provide comprehensive security testing services to ensure seamless functioning of an application by addressing all potential issues especially mission-critical information.

Some key terms used in security testing

Before we go further, it will be useful to be aware of a few terms that are frequently used in web application security testing:

  • What is “Vulnerability”?

This is a weakness in the web application. The cause of such a “weakness” can be bugs in the application, an injection (SQL/ script code) or the presence of viruses.

  • What is “URL manipulation”?

Some web applications communicate additional information between the client (browser) and the server in the URL. Changing some information in the URL may sometimes lead to unintended behavior by the server.

  • What is “SQL injection”?

This is the process of inserting SQL statements through the web application user interface into some query that is then executed by the server.

  • What is “Spoofing”?

When a user inserts HTML/ client-side script in the user interface of a web application and this insertion is visible to other users, it is called XSS.

  • What is “XSS (Cross Site Scripting)”?

The creation of hoax look-alike websites or emails is called spoofing.

Services Provided By IntelliSqa In Security Testing

  • Both Static and Dynamic security analysis
  • Comprehensive security issue covering existing and potential threats
  • Low cost and superior quality compliance
  • Exhaustive analysis of risks
  • Effective methodology and latest technology
  • On-time and on-budget services
  • Future security vigilance plan preparation
  • Flaw testing using SQL injection, XPath, LDAP, and other latest techniques
  • Testing for insecure object access, fake cross-site request, and others.
  • Static vulnerability scanning
  • Test coverage and security analysis
  • In-depth test analysis

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