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Software QA Management

Quality assurance management is an important part of the software development life cycle. A regression in existing behavior or a broken new feature puts your reputation on the line. With new test cases being added in each release, the importance of using a good quality assurance system increases. Forgetting to run a test is not an option, neither is missing your schedule.

With IntelliSqa as your QA management tool you can keep track of what has been tested by whom, which tests passed and which ones failed as well as how tests behaved in the past. You can track progress on multiple levels: from single test runs, to milestones, all the way to entire projects.

Test Cases Management & Strategy

Here in Intellisqa we only select the best tools and methodology based on our experience and devise customized strategy that assures systematic, reliable, and effective test management for our clients. Our effective test cases management, ability to handle all type of test scenario, world-class delivery module, and harmonized use of the latest technology assure clients reliable and value-added software test management services. Intellisqa testing team has the capability to handle simultaneous testing of multiple applications with uncompromising quality.

Test Design & Approach

Test design and approach vary from one project to another depending on product, client requirements, market perspectives, and capability of chosen vendor. Here in Intellisqa we have very flexible approach to assure clients of low cost, proactive communication, and superior quality of testing services. Our test design assures systematic and thorough testing and QA services guaranteeing fewer bugs, fast turnaround time, less hassle for end users, and more effective methodology. Less guesswork allows more robust and reliable QA services.

Test Models & Planning

Intellisqa experience in software testing across all domains and use of wide variety of tools help craft customized test process assuring on-time and on-budget project completion. We develop test models and scripts based on behavioral model and compatible to latest technology ensuring the best authentication process and zero-error validation. We as a firm Intellisqa software testing, streamlines product development and QA process of clients through effective offshore and onsite test management.

Test Process

Intellisqa test approach allows enough room for incorporation of client suggestions midway and integration of the test scenarios with existing process for better client convenience. We always follow client suggestions at any stage and make sure the testing and QA consulting result reflect the same. Intellisqa test process follows clearly defined strategy, test scenarios, and a systematic methodology empowered to generate the best possible result. We are committed to provide the best possible solutions. Our test process takes into consideration cost, quality, time, scope, four application testing areas vital for any organization.

Test Team & Communication

Communication is the keystone of our flexible and transparent approach. Effective communication with clients holds the key to successful project completion. Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity. Clients expect the vendor testing services to have the same competence, man power, and quality as anticipated from their own test team. They also require an offshore software testing company to have all required test resources at their disposal and keep them informed of developments in an effective and convenient manner.

Testing Estimation

For success of any project test estimation and proper execution is equally important as the development cycle. Sticking to the estimation is very important to build good reputation with the client. In Intellisqa, software testing experts use their experience and expertise to plan the entire test development process keeping in view client requirements, budget, and time. Our test estimation takes into cognizance all required cost, time, resources, methodology, tools, and risks associated, and we come out with a detail plan offering clients a complete preview of their software testing projects. A project has its own process, materials, tools, and complications. It calls for experts well aware of its requirements and able to execute required activities. Prior test estimation helps managers and test teams become well aware of possible situations and commit time and resources accordingly.

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