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Intellisqa has extensive experience in test automation of various applications/products in a wide range of domains and platforms by using industry's best automation tools. Automation testing is more reliable and it can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life.

Automated tests can run fast and frequently, which is cost-effective for software products with a long maintenance life. Test automation increases the overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality. 

What is Test Automation?

Automated testing tools are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. Tests carried out with these tools can be run repeatedly, at any time of day. The method or process being used to implement automation is called a test automation framework.

Here we use tools like:-

  • Appium Mobile Automation: Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. Appium is “cross-platform”: it allows you to write tests against multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), using the same API. This enables code reuse between iOS, Android, and Windows test suites.
  • Selenium: Selenium is a popular open-source web based automation tool.Selenium deploys on WindowsLinux, and OS X platforms, released under the Apache 2.0 license: web developers can download and use it without charge.
  • UFT: Unified Functional Testing ( formerly Quick Test Professional), popularly known by its acronym UFT is an automation functional testing tool. Using UFT, you can automate user actions on a web or client based computer application and tests the same actions for different users, different data set, on various Windows operating systems and/or different browsers
  • J-meter: Apache JMeter is open source software, a 100% pure Java desktop application, designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of web sites. Apache JMeter may be used to test functional and performance both on static and dynamic resources.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber is a tool based on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework which is used to write acceptance tests for web application. Cucumber can be used along with Selenium, Watir, and Capybara etc. Cucumber supports many other languages like Perl, PHP, Python, .Net etc.

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