Performance Testing

Performance Testing and Load Testing Services Ensure Application Scalability

Our reputation as a leading performance testing company is upheld by end-to-end performance & load testing expertise for a wide range of software applications.

How Intellisqa Performance Testing Services Ensuring High Responsiveness of Software Applications

Intellisqa Testers will follow the following process to perform the test

  • They firstly research the characterization of heavy and normal loads for your app.

  • Decide the designation of heavy and normal data transfer for your app.

  • Observe the possible development of your business

  • Draw test plan to confirm system Performance for all defined load

  • Execute tests, record standards, and collect the necessary information

  • In the end, they give you a report on testing outcome.

Performance Testing Methodology

Intellisqa Performance testing services will helps you defeat the above dangers and convey a bug-free system with high-quality assurance.

  • Software analysis & essential requirements.
  • Strategize design
  • Configure load generation
  • Monitoring of server and load generation
  • Test data generation
  • Development of load scripts
  • Executing test cases
  • Results assessment and comprehensive reporting

We are proud to have best testers who are ready to work 24/7, so if you have any question regarding our performance testing services, then does contact us we will be happy to help you.