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Performance Testing

In Intellisqa we support a large number of client businesses with our comprehensive performance testing services which in turn help them succeed, improve and win customer faith. At our company, we ensure that all key performance requirements are met, whereas we ensure optimized system performance through our adept load testing approach. Performance Testing is a type of testing to ensure software applications will perform well under their expected workload. We use a number of open source tools to perform stress testing, volume testing, and SOAK testing.


Our testing team works in coordination with clients to better understand their requirements for load, volume, and stress testing. In addition, we work meticulously to provide a complete, on-budget, and on-time solution. We always follow a defined strategy according to the specifications. This allows us to trace bugs and ensure that the applications perform consistently. In case there are any bottlenecks related to performance, we consider our experience to incorporate any changes.


  • Load testing: It defines the normal performance ability..
  • Stress testing: It identifies boundaries and enhances the performance level.
  • Scalability and volume testing: It provides option to boost performance beyond specifications.
  • Soak testing: It is used to verify endurance level and system behavior under constant use.
  • Customization and evaluation of performance testing tools.
  • Monitoring and enhancing of performance.

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