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Localization Testing

Intellisqa global consulting experience and commitment to the international standard of delivery assure clients of competent services for end-to-end localization of documents, field testing ensuring applications compatible with local conditions, quality assurance for usability and performance meeting local needs, and post-localization validation. Localization refers to the process of developing distinct versions of an application or adapting it to discrete local requirements. Separate internationalization and localization testing needs have become important components of software testing and product quality assurance process as focused business and marketing approach is gaining momentum. Intellisqa software testing team has the readily available language expertise, resources, skills and tools to provide qualified internationalization and localization testing services of the highest quality.

We leverage the existing development process to the global and local market requirements using our expertise in software testing and product knowledge. Our experience in both retro-fitting and new application testing also comes in handy to make products ready for various focused markets. Our software testing team provides internationalization and localization testing services for applications across all sectors, including technology, IT, retail, mobile, ERP, CRM, telecom, engineering, manufacturing, finance, e-commerce, consumer, finance, m-commerce, and e-learning.

Services Provided By IntelliSqa In Localization Testing

  • Global consulting focused on both internationalization and localization requirements.
  • Internationalization engineering, testing, and quality assurance.
  • Translation of interface and language specific to local requirements.
  • End-to-end localization testing and validation.
  • Document and website localization and verification.
  • Field testing for compatibility, functionality, and other features.

IntelliSqa is led by experienced, efficient, and committed experts reputed for their professional acumen in independent testing services and passion to achieve the best.

Our employs its specialized tools, skills, and knowledge to identify potentially crippling functions dependent on local condition and fix them to ensure smooth localized performance.

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