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Healthcare Software Testing

Experts at Intellisqa Company of Excellence fully recognize the rigorous standards required for healthcare software quality assurance and ensure compliance to industry standards, strict regulatory frameworks, market and in-house requirements, and procedures. Whether it is general healthcare application, embedded software for instrumentation, critical clinical systems, healthcare-oriented systems, or healthcare billing software testing, our proficiency assures reliable, safe, and complete testing processes, QA services, and products.

Services Provided By IntelliSqa

  • Hospital chain management systems
  • Healthcare support and associate systems
  • Clinical systems
  • Both financial and nonfinancial applications for healthcare industry
  • Healthcare billing software testing for invoicing and account applications
  • Medical imaging testing
  • Patient management and outpatient applications
  • Integrated system applications
  • Attendance software
  • Medical report management software
  • Database management software testing

Why IntelliSqa?

In Healthcare software industry, our testing experts focus on compatibility, reliability, security, and completeness and the Resource optimization and cost saving by 70%.

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