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Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is simply what its name means- to test your website or application in multiple browsers and making sure that it works normally and as in intended without any dependencies, or compromise in Quality. This is applicable to both web and mobile applications. Our testing team fully takes care about cross browser so that application can run consistently on all platforms.

Tools Used By IntelliSqa in Cross Browser Testing

  • Browsershots: Browsershotsis a simple and very useful tool. It’s a free tool but it does provide functionalities you won’t find in any other tool, paid ones included.
  • IE Testers: If Internet Explorer is the browser of primary interest to you and you want to test your site in it, there are a couple of free IE testers you might want to consider.
  • Webshot: Unlike most of the other services, Webshotis a tool to test mobile cross-browser compatibility only. It’s a free offering but it requires registration.
  • BrowserStack: BrowserStackis another big name in the industry. It’s great for mobile testing but it also supports 700+ desktop browsers. It also offers local testing, quick screenshots, as well as resolutions from 800×600 to 2048×1536. 

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