Automation Testing Tools

Intellisqa provides high-quality test driven and key driven hybrid frameworks with smart use of commercial and available open source automation testing tools.


Our employees and their experience makes sure we select right tools that work to the ultimate advantage of clients while our expertise assures on-time and on-budget delivery. Selecting the appropriate automation testing tools is key to low cost and early completion of a test driven hybrid frame work. Right tools help avoid unnecessary time overruns and wastage of resources in trial and error while promoting quality and effectiveness. We here use large number of licensed tools wherever necessary during key driven framework testing ensuring the best possible automation test for customers.


With a complete understanding of client requirements and role of automation testing in improving the overall quality of software applications and resource optimization, Intellisqa provides reliable automation framework for functionality, performance, stress, volume, and load tests.

Functional Automation Test Tools:

  • HP UFT
  • Winrunner
  • Watir
  • Test Complete
  • AutoIt
  • Selenium
  • Compuware functional test tool

Performance Testing Tools:

  • Loadrunner
  • Microsoft ACT
  • Webload
  • WAPT
  • Jmeter

We Offers Quick and Reliable Test Automation at a Low Cost

Intellisqa software testing services are extensible to cover all types of domain and technology regardless of the industry type.

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