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Automation Methodology

In Intellisqa, our main focus is always first be on building a good understanding of what we need to focus on to improve Quality of a software product and what role automation plays in it. Then we talk about software programming best practices and design patterns that help in implementing a sound automation framework. Test automation has an important role in software quality assurance.

Since our aim to automate everything for every condition is a utopia focusing on an applicable automation target should be more realistic. It can be described as SMART which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Test methodologies can be described as follows:

Record and Replay:

  • Records every steps to create a test case
  • Easily replay the existing test case
  • It doesn’t have loop or if condition or other complicated features

Functional Test Automation:

  • Every test case is automated by a different test scripts
  • Test scripts include test data
  • No import/export data option

Data-Driven Test Automation:

  • Test scripts can run by different data
  • Data can be stored/read from an external storage/file
  • Only data-sets are updated not the scripts

Keyword-Driven Test Automation:

  • The important keywords are sequentially run as separate test cases.
  • New test cases can be easily created not need a programming knowledge
  • Error handling and Transition handling are difficult
  • Creating complex test cases is difficult job

Hybrid Test Automation:

  • Combination of keyword-driven and data-driven automation techniques
  • Exception handling and transition handling mechanism can be used
  • Desired data can be used for different test cases

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