Intellisqa  Founded in 2014 and it is based in Noida is an independent software testing company powered by many years of experience in testing.

IntelliSqa It Solutions Pvt. Ltd headquarters is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. IntelliSqa It Solutions Pvt. Ltd is in the sectors of: Information Technology and Services. Intellisqa is a specialized IT Services & Solutions and IT-enabled Services provider company having wide range of global customers. Intellisqa works with its national/international clients in the area of Website, Mobile apps, and Windows apps QA & their development.

Our software tester’s ability is beyond comparison and we offer a wide range of services includes Web-based testing, Desktop based testing,and mobile apps testing, etc.

It makes us believe that we can offer your company with a more flexible, focused, agile and responsive quality assurance software testing services than our large global competitors.

Intellisqa Is A Place Where We Convert Your Dream Into                                                           Reality

Our Mission

High consumer fulfillment might be a popular expression, yet at Intellisqa we know it’s critical to our prosperity. If we help our customers adequately, we know their achievement will connect with our own. Quality should not be forbidden distant, or costly, thus our main mission is to help set up cost-effective quality systems with the objective of encouraging the complete accomplishment of our customers.

Our Vision

We team up with you to build a testing transformation and encourage a domain of continuous improvement to enable you to decrease costs year-on-year and enhance product quality. Our software testing and quality assurance expertise facilitate smarter and in addition superior testing of software and product at ideal prices and no hidden dangers. Our one only vision is to become Worlds Most Trusted and Largest QA and Software Testing Company.